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How often are backups done?

Backups are done daily, weekly and monthly.

We keep 2 days of backup in your account and then we also do remote secure offsite backups to 2 locations, so we have additional backups handy in case your account needs to be restored for any reason. Please note each month we remove the previous month to keep your account current for backups, so please make sure your account is good before the end of the month otherwise next month we can't restore it to a day at the end of the prior month.

If your wanting to setup custom nameservers, please be aware that you will need to make sure that you aware that this is done at your domain registrar and not just done with us. We will make them based on what your wanting as far as how they are labeled, such examples are or

If you are needing help with getting these setup then please be aware that we will be requiring you submit a ticket to get this done.

We will provide you with the server IPs that you will be able to use with your custom name servers.

Yes we will migrate your accounts under your reseller account with your previous hosting provider. Please either send an email to or submit a ticket to begin the process and we will migrate the accounts over. Please note that accounts under 10GB are generally much quicker, if the account is over 10GB then it will be a slight delay but it will be migrated over.

All domains are able to get a FREE SSL from cPanel and Sectigo formerly Comdo only upon successfully pointing your domain to the server first then waiting at least an hour and then adding the domain your account or creating the cPanel account for the domain.

If it doesn't automatically generate the SSL within 10mins then please wait as the server does reprocess the DCV (domain control validation) for an SSL again and then will install. If it has been over 24 hours and no SSL is working then please submit a helpdesk ticket so that we can review the logs to see what was the issue and if possible run the queue to see if it can be done.

The helpdesk will only process the manual request if it has been 24 hours, if it hasn't been over 24 first then please allow the server to run the process again.

When you want to access your emails without going to your control panel all the time then you can simply go to the following url and it will direct you to the webmail login screen.

Please note to change to your domain you have hosted with us.

When setting up Outlook and your custom created email, you would generally add it as other for the type. If you don't have a paid SSL then it will or ideally should pull the mail settings from the server as it configured to auto populate. Please note that you will be required to use the full email address when setting up the account as it is required in order to properly set it up.

If you have paid SSL then you will need to manually set the server settings as it doesn't have the auto discovery function possible as per cPanel has changed this.

If you need help with this, please use our helpdesk to contact us and we will work with you on getting it setup.

When it comes to using FTP and FTP Programs like Filezilla, what has worked the best from personal experience hasn't been using but the IP that is setup.

If your on shared hosting then it will be the shared server IP, if your doing reseller hosting and have setup a dedicated IP then it will be that dedicated IP.

Below is the best format for FileZilla to ensure it will login you easily.

Host: (shared or dedicated IP) Username: (cPanel username) Password: (cPanel password) Port: leave blank, we use the default of 21

If you need help then please contact us through the helpdesk and we will ensure your able to login.

Since we know that some people are very much wanting to know that we are serious and that we aren't playing weak servers, so here is our current main server. Will add more servers and specs as we grow.

Tampa Location

CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz
Number of cores : 8
CPU frequency : 3601.684 MHz
Total amount of Mem : 31905 MB (6291 MB Used)
OS : CloudLinux 7.7
Arch : (64 Bit)

Please note that we will update this as we grow in locations and servers available to host your site.

Please note that we will be updating this as we have gotten more requests for it, but for now please contact us on live chat or by submitting a ticket to get questions answered.

Please note you have several ways to track stats for your account and domain. See image below and note that we have our system setup to run statistics update on set schedules.

Web Traffic Statistics every 24 hours
Bandwidth Statistics every 2 hours

Schedule of when stats update

The emails are going to spam due to either IP reputation or domain, however we do ensure that we keep the IP clean and not blacklisted as much as possible. Certain providers like Yahoo, Hotmail or Google are very strict and therefore we aren't able to easily submit a request and make it work. All we can say is that we have setup the account to automatically have SPF, DKIM setup on your domain when it's created, so you will need to make sure your email templates aren't standard or spammy like as well.

We do also suggest that you might need to setup a custom email address for sending emails or to use a third party emailing service to ensure your emails are sent without issue.

We do recommend that you submit a ticket to have a DMARC aded as well as this will be good to have.

Here is a prime example of a good email spam check.

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